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Spades Plus: Tips to Win the Game with your Online Friends

Spade Plus Tips and Tricks


Spades Plus is a straightforward game of spades integrated with modern features. Some of these features include in-game currencies and social gameplay elements. Now, as modest as these features may be, there is more to these features than meets the eye. In fact, you can even use these features to your advantage through a strategic approach. To elaborate further on this subject, we prepared a couple of tips below to help you exploit the game’s features.

Rally Your Friends

Spades Plus as mentioned before; comes with a solid social gameplay structure that not only allows you to invite your friends over but to challenge random players as well. So what does this have to do with the game? Well for starters, Spades Plus employs the use of an in-game currency system. This means you need to spend some of your hard-earned currency when you participate in any of the game modes. Now there are times when luck is simply not on your side, which means you are hemorrhaging in-game currency or losing your resources by the thousands leaving you bankrupt in the game.

Play with Friends Spades Plus

This is where the social feature of the game comes into play. You see, the social features of the game allow you to send and receive gifts from your friends. This means that the more friends you have playing the game, the more virtual dollars you have in your bank. Do take note that you need to be sure that the people on your friend list are active players in the game to not waste your gifting efforts.

Rake in those Daily Bonuses

Spades Plus also comes with a solid daily reward system. By logging into the game, players can enjoy a decent amount of in-game currency deposited in their account. To do this, all you need to do is to log in daily to the game, no need to play it, just log in. Simple right? Like the first tip, you can exploit this get rich quick method in the game.

Spades Plus Earn Bonuses

In addition to the daily bonuses, you can also follow the official social media page of the game. The reason for this is that the official social media page of Spades Plus regularly provides gift codes to the community. Regular visits to the game’s social media page like Facebook will allow you to earn a decent amount of virtual dollars that you can spend in the game.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time for you to download and try out Spades Plus today by simply moving to the download page of this site. Once done, get your way to one of the most challenging card games around the online community!