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Spades Plus: The Story Behind Trick-Taking Card Games

Spades Plus is a very popular video game about trick-taking cards. Trick-taking has been around for hundreds of years. It continues to be an excellent choice when it comes to card games because of how fun it is. It has hundreds of game variants, but Spades remains to be the best and has entertained soldiers during World War II.

The millions of Spades players can guarantee that this is a fun card game to play in your spare time. Then Zynga proceeded to make Spades Plus. This allows veteran fans and new players to experience what makes this game fun! You get to battle online against friends or strangers worldwide.

You can easily win in a Spades Plus match. You just have to depend on your skills and strategies. Keep on practicing how many tricks you can do, bid your estimated number of tricks, and maintain a high score. Analyze your cards, bid, and let your strategies come into place. Spades Plus is an innovative title of a classic card game that is fun yet challenging to master.

Trick-Taking Card Games Defined

The main point of this classic social game is to win tricks– a finite number of rounds where a player plays a card and does their best to win a trick. Trick-taking card games have been around for many years and have been developed countless times. In the 1930s, Spades rose as one of the popular card games of the genre.


You have to win tricks in order for you and your partner to earn points. This is the rule for most trick-taking card games, like Spades Plus. And to play, each round has a dealer. It’s the person that deals the cards to the players. Its role highly depends on what variant of the genre the contestants are playing.

Scores are determined by the number of tricks won. To win an individual trick, you need to have the skills and learn to plan your strategies accordingly. It’s all about the mindset, and the same rules apply in Spades Plus. If you want to learn more about playing the digital card game, you can read up on a more detailed “How to Play” guide here.

Final Thoughts on Trick-Taking Games

All you need to remember in trick-taking card games is that every round needs to have a dealer determined via deck-splitting. The number of cards dealt depends on the mode you’re playing. Each player is required to follow suit while doing their best to win the trick. If you don’t have a card from the same suit, you still need to play one card. The winner leads the next trick, and the more tricks you win, the more chances of becoming the overall winner.

The Awesome Benefits of Card Games

Playing card games is one way of entertaining yourself. Many years ago, people would play cards and gamble at the same time because it is a fun source of entertainment. It’s no wonder soldiers during World War II loved playing Spades. It’s easy, and it keeps your brain sharp! Here are a few benefits you can get from playing card games.

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A Great Way to Stimulate the Mind

Playing card games is a great way to exercise your brain. Constant planning and strategizing will keep your mind active. In fact, researchers say that people who play cards are less likely to suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers. It also forces you to keep calm while under pressure, which in turn, can prevent unnecessary stress.

A Good Practice To Think on Your Feet

Winning at card games rely heavily on your mental capacity. More often than not, you’d change your strategies on-the-fly as your situation turns sour. Through experience and constant practice, you’d be able to develop the ability to think quickly on your feet. You’ll come up with strategies that can throw your opponents off-guard, giving you a full advantage.

An Entertainment Medium You Can Take Anywhere

Card games last for hours, and while it might seem boring from an observer’s point of view, it’s actually fun. It’s a great social game as you’d often tell stories or have a drink while playing. It’s also the kind of game that fits in your pocket. And you can pretty much have a round any time, anywhere. Technology, on the other hand, managed to give people the ability to play card games without having to leave the comforts of one’s home. The rise of the internet brought people closer and can now play cards online via the computer.

Playing cards are one of the oldest and most socially-acceptable games in history. No matter the time or place, people are always up for another round! So take a seat and ready your hand, download and play Spades Plus now, and watch the magic happen!