Spades Plus: The Game Features & How to Play Process

Spades Plus as you may have known by now is one of the most iconic titles in the free-to-play market. Part of what makes the game so popular in the Spades community comes from its unique gameplay features. In Spades Plus, players can choose between five game modes. Each of these modes comes with their own set of rules that make each match unique and exciting to play. One of these game modes is Solo wherein the player can play a round of spades without partnerships. Another is Mirror wherein the player bids the number of spades in hand.


The third mode is called Whiz, wherein the player can bid “NIL” or put it; the number of the player’s spade cards on hand. Then there’s the VIP mode wherein the player can participate in matches held in a custom table. Last but not least, is the Classic mode, which, as the name suggests, features the classic rules and mechanics seen in the definitive version of the iconic card game.

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